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Art path

Five years of further education for art, of which four years in « ESAG » higher school of graphic arts in Saint Germain des Prés (Paris). This school is the old “Julian’s Academy”, where many well-known painters, like Gauguin, worked for a time.

Following this, art teaching in junior and secondary school together with personal research as a painter (oil painting and other various techniques.)

At the end of the seventies, and during the eighties, the style looked like the “Figuration narrative” (simplified and precise forms, subjects taken from news or cinema, and often crowds as the main theme.)

From 1980 to 1984 studies of the painting of traditional Russian Icons with Egon Sendler at the center of Russian studies in Meudon (near Paris.)

From 1990 to 1991, two conference rounds on the history of modern and contemporary Art given by the artist at the Popular University of Aubenas (south Ardèche.)

During 1997, personal research on Chinese calligraphy. Resumption of this research in 2009 with French and Chinese calligraphers.

In 1998 following the Chinese calligraphic work, the style changed, inspired by the Chinese principles: the empty and the full, (Yin and Yang)…Landscapes themes sometime very close to reality, as well as nearly abstract painting. The main colours which were red and dark purple ( black) became blue and white. The artist wished to pass on cosmic energetic impregnations experienced within nature, by the composition of forms and spaces on the canvas, and to create a work on the visible which reflects the invisible. At the same time, sometimes a totally abstract painting can appear according to the themes fixed in the group exhibitions. 


Claude Hersant’s studio

You can visit Claude Hersant’s studio, call before visiting at number 00-33-(0)683338143 .

June to september 2016

Sixteen artists, sixteen paintings, 160 x 130 cm, exposed in the streets from mi june to mid september 2016.

July, August and September 2009

participation at the group exhibition: “Exodus, Exiles” with “Art, Culture and Faith” at the monastery of Notre Dame des Neiges, (High Ardèche.)

September 2008

“Root and Cloud” oil paintings, showroom Volane, at Vals les bains, Ardèche.

Since 2007

“Creation paths”, since 2007 , an association visiting artists studios.

November 2006

participation at a group exhibition: “Ecce Homo” with “Art, Culture and Faith” at Vogué castle (Ardèche.)

August 2005

“Skies and Lands”: oil paintings at Saint Paul le Jeune, south Ardèche.

November 1996

icons exhibition at Saint-Privat, Ardèche.